English saddlery

First-price English saddles

In our assortment of English saddles can’t miss first-price products, perfect for school or for the beginner, where it’s necessary to find a resistant product, but with a contained price.






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Synthetic saddles and interchangeable gullet plate

Synthetic saddles are a valid alternative to leather saddles, not only for the reduced price, but also for ethic reasons, for the easier maintenance and for the reduced weight.

Today these saddles, in addiction to all already said, are also beautiful!

SARTORE S.R.L. proposes some models of synthetic saddles, in particular those with WINNER label, which are really accurate, made of high quality materials and with a competitive price.

We invite you to discover them on our catalogue. 


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Stock saddle

Have a look to our proposals of stock saddle!






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WINNER saddles

English saddle with WINNER by SARTORE label are synonymous of good quality, duration and accessible prices.

In our range of English saddle, you can find both synthetic products and leather products, available in different colours and sizes.

WINNER by SARTORE products are already considered as valid articles, in fact we’ve done tests of duration and reliability to choose them.

Our attention in the selection of products has the purpose to satisfy you and let you the opportunity to live a pleasant experience by using our products. 


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CANAVES company was founded in Argentina, from the seventies it produces saddles that exports all over the world, in particular Germany, France, Italy and United States.

Articles of JC label are well-known in Italy for over 30 years and are synonymous of honest, really-durable, easy-usable and contained-price products.

CANAVES saddles are made from wooden trees made from the company itself by first quality materials. They present also woollen cushions to adapt themselves better to horse shapes and to reduce contractures and weariness. 


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For over 20 years this international brand is in the business, HENRI DE RIVEL distinguished itself for innovative models, captivating design and care of details.

HDR jumping saddles are reliability products, well-made and which adapt themselves to all horses’ conformations.

HENRI DE RIVEL products are perfect for whom is looking for a saddle made of high-quality materials and with a no-excessive price.

Have a look to various HENRI DE RIVEL models, you will surely find a pleasant surprise. 




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JOHN WHITAKER saddles are studied from someone who’s able to ride a horse, like a famous horse rider such as John Whitaker. For this reason, they are conceived to be used daily with always high performances.

You have a wide choice of models and materials to get the best for you.

Download the PDF with new models of JOHN WHITAKER.





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Back pads

SARTORE S.R.L. imports and distributes various models of back pads, made of different materials, in different models and sizes, just to satisfy your needs.

Consult this section to find the product that you were looking for. 




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Trekking saddle pads

Saddle pads with pockets are perfect for long excursions, besides having a lot of place to contain the necessary, they are made of different technical materials.

These materials contribute to isolate mainly horseback, preserving it from traumas and from the heavy weight of equipment; they guarantee also a greater air circulation. 


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Saddle bags

Saddle bags for English saddles are available in different models and colours. 





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Gel pads

Gel pads are very common; they are used to isolate or raise the cushion.

In this section you can find different solutions that we have selected for you. 





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GEL-EZE articles

SARTORE S.R.L. distributes gel back pads made by GEL-EZE Italian label.

GEL-EZE LINE is composed of numerous products that go from the classic gel back pad to products to solve specific problems such as GELEE-FISH: they act on specific areas and they fill and protect just where’s necessary.

These new products are made with gel inserts of limited dimensions, that act just on interested zones, while the rest of back pad is made of technical breathable fabric.

GEL-EZE products are made in Italy and use only high quality raw materials, tested and safe for horse and horse rider. 



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Back pads

In this section you can find a wide range of back pads made of different materials and with different possibility of use.

Our back pads go from the simpler and cheaper versions made of foam, to versions with gel inserts or foam of gel inserts that can be regulate adding or taking off thickness, in order to obtain the best asset of the saddle.


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Front riser pad

There are specific products that offer the possibility to rise just the area of the whiters, both to improve the saddle asset and alleviate the excessive pressure between withers and saddle.

In this section you can find different models that, through the use of different materials, can intervene in the right zone.





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Saddle pads

SARTORE S.R.L. company has a wide choice of English saddle pads of different sizes, colours and materials.

Inside our range we offer also the possibility to buy some models of saddle pads that are combined with ear nets, in order to have always colours and cords paired.

Our saddle pads, in particular the ones of WINNER by SARTORE line, offer always a high quality, wide range of colours, different sizes and elevate value for money.




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HAF saddle pads

HAF saddle pads are made in Italy with technical breathable materials, the inner part of them is made of specific material that prevent the slippage but is breathable.

These materials, in addition to the technical characteristics, are very resistant to wear and rubbing and they get dry easy.

In this section you can find HAF English saddle pads, that includes Jumping and Dressage models.  




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JOHN WHITAKER saddle pads

SARTORE S.R.L., as exclusive Italian importer of JOHN WHITAKER label, proposes a wide selection of English saddle pads of the brand. 

Open this section to see all of them.




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Inside our range of Girths, you can find different models, from the more classic to the shaped one, you can also choose from different materials such as cotton, synthetic fabric, leather of different quality.

All of our girths are available in different colours and sizes.

Download this section of our catalogue about English girths. 




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Shaped girths

Shaped girths have the central part completely shaped with snaps and lateral rings to attach working reins.

Our girths have all buckles made of steel, often in stainless steel and double elastic band. 








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Belly protector girths

Our leather belly protector girths are available in different quality, colours and sizes, the metal parts are all made of stainless steel while elastic bands are double or triple.

All of our girths are accurately refined and designed to offer the maximum quality and duration.







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Girths for stock saddles

Spare girths for stock saddles.

Girth sleeves

We dispose of various models of girth sleeves, made of synthetic or natural lambskin and neoprene, both for girths and breastgirths.

Search in this section the model that you prefer. 





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SARTORE S.R.L. imports and distributes different models of martingales, running martingales, hunting breastplate, elastic martingales and accessories of different types of leather.

In addition to leather quality you can choose between stainless steel buckles or polished brass and obviously different sizes.





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Stirrup leather

We dispose of different types of English stirrup leather, they go from the easier versions to models covered in soft French leather, in different sizes and colours.

Our stirrup leather from the entry-level models are all selected by us to reply better to your needs. 






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SARTORE S.R.L. company proposes a wide range of English bridles, available in many models, colours and prices.

You can choose through first-price products, WINNER by SARTORE bridles made of high quality Italian leather, or our top line GOLD by SARTORE products made of English leather of first quality.

All bridles are available in different models, finishing and with different reins, for example made of web, anti-slip fabric, rubber with leather inside, full rubber, rubber with nylon core.

Obviously all of our English bridles are available in different sizes and colours.

Open this section and choose your new English bridle through different possibilities. 


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Web reins

Web reins, reins with stops, standard leather, Italian or English leather reins, in different colours, sizes and more over.

Download the PDF of all the models. 







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Leather reins

English plain leather reins, leather with rubber reins, laced reins, braided leather reins.






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Rubber grip reins

English reins covered with anti-slip large pip rubber, with plain rubber, with solid rubber, with stops, in standard or superior leather and stainless steel or solid brass buckles.

In this chapter you will find a wide range of reins that you can combine with our headstalls; you have a great possibility to choose what you prefer.

Download the PDF with all of our models.




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Draw reins

Inside this section you can find different models of draw reins, made of different types of materials such as: web, anti-slip fabric, leather and cord, or full leather.

Everything is available in different colours and sizes. 







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Side reins

Training roller, elastic reins, Tiderman reins, gogues, in this section you will find a complete list of products that SARTORE S.R.L. is able to propose you. 






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Copricoda e sottocoda

Copricoda in neoprene, copricoda in tessuto imbottito e sottocoda in cuoio di differenti colori e misure.







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All'interno della nostra proposta di briglieria inglese non poteva mancare una parte dedicata ai frontalini per briglia inglese.

Differenti forme, misure, realizzati in pelle con l'applicazione di brillantini o particolari in metallo, differenti finiture, per rendere particolare la vostra testiera o più semplicemente per sostituire un vecchio frontalino e donare un look più contemporaneo alla vostra vecchia testiera alla quale siete così affezionati.







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Cavezzine e ricambi

La società SARTORE S.R.L. oltre ad una ampia scelta di briglie vi offre la possibilità di personalizzare ulteriormente la vostra scelta offrendovi la possibilità di sostituire la cavezzina della vostra briglia con modelli specifici più idonei al vostro stile o alle necessità del vostro cavallo.

Scegli il modello più adatto alle tue esigenze tra quelli presenti in questa sezione.






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In questa sezione potrete visionare tutti i modelli di abbassatesta dei quali disponiamo, CHAMBON, GOGUE, in cuoio, corda, elastici.

Scarica il pdf e scegli il prodotto che più ti interessa.






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