Horse care

Horse care

Here you can find all that you need for a perfect grooming, like brushes, combs, scissors, clippers, shampoos, grease and many others.

Sartore S.R.L. imports and distributes all the best brands present in the business. Thanks to more than 50 years of experience in the Horse riding world we have been able to select the best worldwide products and to propose them through our customers.

Sartore S.R.L. label is always a guarantee of high-quality and competitive products.

Between our brands you can find LEOVET, leader company in Germany for horse care. For over 20 years, thanks to the experience of Mr Jacoby it has developed high-quality products. In our proposal you can also find CARR&DAY&MARTIN, UPTITE, FARNAM, PEARSON, PARISOL, COPYR, CANDIOLI.





Grooming kit

In addition to the possibility to choose every piece of your personal kit, we have ready-made grooming kit with different products and containers.

Choose your kit between our range of models.





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Grooming boxes and plastic trunks

Grooming boxes are necessary to keep in order all the products that we daily use for horse care.

In our range of products, we have different sizes and colours of boxes and we have also plastic trunks which are more capacious. They can contain an English saddle, rugs and harness, or bigger accessories.

We remind you that if you don’t find product with the right dimension that you need, Sartore S.R.L. can make beauty case and custom-made saddle trucks. Look at the selection of SADDLE TRUCKS to get more information.


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Mane bands and show bows

Mane bands and show bands are little accessories essential for grooming.

In our offer you can find different colour and shape of them. 



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Mane thinning scissors and thinning scissors

We propose you thinning scissors, curve scissors, clippers and other accessories to have always tails and manes orderly. 




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HEINIGER clippers

Heiniger company from three generations produces professional clipper tools.

In these years thanks to the excellent quality of products and to the constant technical innovation, result of the close collaboration between the company and professional figures specialized in clipping, Heiniger have been able to carve out a leading role in the sector.

Such a prestigious brand can’t miss in our proposal.


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CARR&DAY&MARTIN English company is bounded to Sartore S.R.L. for many years, it’s one of our historical brands and it’s very appreciated by our customers.

In this section you can find our range of products by CARR&DAY&MARTIN that you can find in our customers’ shops throughout Italy.

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CANDIOLI products

Candioli boasts a traditional presence in the athletic horses’ field and presents a nutritional-product line which supports horses’ performance.

 Candioli is also official Sponsor of world-class athletes.


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LEOVET products

LEOVET company were founded by Mr Ulf Jacoby in 1982.

Mr Jacoby was born in 1939 in Germany and in 1966 obtained his licence as registered pharmacist.

It was his interest and his scientific curiosity that has led him to build LEOVET company, specialized in horse care.

In these 34 years LEOVET has become one of the biggest company of horse-care products, leader in the German business and one of the most important company in Europe.

Care and respect for horses has meant that LEOVET is synonymous with working products!





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FARNAM products

The company was founded in 1946 and it’s located in Phoenix, Arizona.

It produces and distributes products for animals’ health.



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ABSORBINE products

The American company was founded by Wilbur F. and Maria Ida Young in 1892 in Meriden, Connecticut, it is specialised in horse-care products. 





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PARISOL products

BENSE & EICKE German company was built in 1887 and thanks to the wide expansion of Horse riding business, after 1905 it decided to produce its first hoof unguent, with Parisol label.

During years it has increased the range of products and nowadays it is able to satisfy all the needs of horse care and the leather or finishing maintenance. 


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PEARSON products


Guglielmo Pearson produces and commercialises high-quality products mainly for animal care. The company differs for its experience and solidarity.

The experience and professionality that distinguishes it, are the result of passion and research, born in England in 1988.

Today Guglielmo Pearson S.R.L. proposes Creolina® disinfectant, well-known all over the world, the pure cod-liver oil and complete Pearson horse line®.



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GOLD by SARTORE line was developed after years of commercialization of the best horse-care brands.

Our experience has led us to understand what our customers need, so we have a proper line inside which we try to offer the same quality and good results, but with a value for money more favourable.

SARTORE products for leather and horse-care are all produced in Italy by qualified laboratories.

We just have to suggest you to try one of our products to estimate the real performance, we are sure that you will be astonished. 

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