Halters and leads

Sartore S.R.L. offer an extended range of halters in synthetic materials, nylon and leather, each one can be combined with different leads in various colours, materials and length.

We have a wide choice for sizes and models too, like foal halters, mini-mini Shetland, pony, horse, models for Arabian horse, with pile finishing and so on.

In addition to this, our range begins from entry-level products, where the price is very important, to models made of high quality materials such as English leather and Italian leather.

For leads too, we propose an extended possibility of choice, such as basic models, working leads, or products made of valuable materials like leather.

Get into this section and find products and combinations that you prefer.


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Synthetic halters

Synthetic halters or the more qualitative ones in nylon offer an elevate resistance, wide choice of colours, poor maintenance and are available in many variations.

In our proposal you will find both first price products and our WINNER BY SARTORE halters, made of high quality materials and finishing, or even HAMILTON products, a well-known American company that proposes nylon articles of high quality, available in different colours.

Inside this chapter you will find a wide selection of models and colours, that you can match with our leads. 



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Leather halters

Leather halters offer an antique charm, which remembers care and mastery used by the saddler.

Today we have numerous variants made of different materials and finishing.

In our proposal of leather halters, you can find both cheap products and more precious ones, like Italian leather halters or English leather ones maybe with brass finishing polished by hand. They have the same functionality of the synthetic ones, but with an elegance difficult to reach. 



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Leads and pudding lunging reins

In the wide catalogue of products for Horse riding, Sartore S.R.L. proposes an extended selection of ropes, leads, pudding lunging reins, all made of different materials, in different colours and prices, to satisfy needs of our customers.

Download the PDF of the section dedicated to these products. 




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Panic rubber tie, Chain tie

Panic rubber tie are indispensable to stop the horse during operation of grooming and trimming, we have different sizes and versions; they are usually made of rubber but with very different technical characteristics. 






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Accessories for halter


Natural and Synthetic noseband sleeve, available in different variations of colours and synthetic attachments. 


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